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  • noun A small roundworm or nematoid; a hairworm or gordian; a filaria, or Guinea worm; especially, a pinworm; one of the small worms infesting the rectum, particularly of children, as Oxyuris vermicularis. These resemble bits of sewing-thread less than an inch long. See cuts under Nematoidea and Oxyuris.

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  • noun (Zoöl.) Any long, slender nematode worm, especially the pinworm and filaria.

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  • noun The pinworm

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  • noun small threadlike worm infesting human intestines and rectum especially in children


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  • This medicine works against hookworm, whipworm, roundworm, pinworm (threadworm), and another worm called Strongyloides.

    Chapter 31

  • Th. Boveri, studying the development of a threadworm, made the interesting discovery that this differentiation began at the first division.

    Applied Eugenics

  • Granted that each species has arisen by evolution from some other, this germ-cell which is observed in the body of the threadworm, must be regarded as part of what may well be called a stream of germ-plasm, that reaches back to the beginning of life in the world.

    Applied Eugenics

  • By bringing his imagination into play, the reader will realize that there is no limit to the backward continuity of this germ-plasm in the threadworm.

    Applied Eugenics

  • The reader may well express doubt as to whether what has been demonstrated for the threadworm can be demonstrated for the higher animals, including man.

    Applied Eugenics

  • Imagine a scientifically-minded threadworm to inhabit a page of

    Four-Dimensional Vistas

  • The highly intelligent threadworm neither knows nor cares that the point of intersection of two lines in his diagram _represents_ a point in a space to which he is a stranger.

    Four-Dimensional Vistas

  • In China, Hungary, Spain, and other countries horses frequently suffer from the presence of a threadworm (_Filaria hæmorrhagica_ Railliet, _F. multipapillosa_ Condamine and Drouilly) in the subcutaneous connective tissue, causing effusions of blood under the scurf skin and incrustations of dried blood on the surface.

    Special Report on Diseases of the Horse

  • _multipapillosa_, threadworm causing bleeding skin eruptions, 469

    Special Report on Diseases of the Horse

  • _hæmorrhagica_, threadworm causing skin disease, 469

    Special Report on Diseases of the Horse


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