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  • In electricity, pertaining to or employing a system of electric distribution in which are used three alternating currents differing in phase from one another by one third of a period, so that they reverse in direction successively at equal intervals of time: that is, first current 1, then current 2, then 3, then again 1, etc., reverses.


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  • To that end, Otwoma's group is conducting a three-phase program to study environmental, economic and technical issues of nuclear power, with the aim of constructing one or more reactors within 15 years.

    Kenya Eyes Nuclear Power Development

  • Stephen Johnson outlined in a January 2008 letter to Bush a three-phase plan for tackling climate change that included strict new restrictions on power plants and transportation fuels.

    Wonkbook: White House throws states a lifeline. But will the GOP let them catch it?

  • Already, the Indian government has taken steps to tap this renewable energy through the creation of the National Solar Mission in 2009, which takes a three-phase approach to increase solar power use and generation across the country.

    Solar Power Needs $110 Billion in Capital: KPMG

  • After completing a $100 million, three-phase renovation, the Metropolitan Museum of Art will open its New American Wing Galleries for Paintings, Sculpture, and Decorative Arts on Jan. 16.

    A Revolution in American Art

  • The league's best defensive players, Mr. Sutton said, go through a three-phase process in their development.

    He's Tackling, Not Talking

  • Applying a three-phase design process -- direction, design and development -- to personal change might look something like this: Spend some time formulating a positive direction that you are really passionate about.

    Soren Petersen: A Vision Is a Dream With a Deadline

  • This three-phase audit is similar to a checkup of your health and has a very specific goal and a very effective outcome.

    Lighten Up

  • The North's statement on Wednesday said officials from the South's presidential office, intelligence service and unification ministry proposed a three-phase summit process.

    North Korea Says It Rejected Secret Summit Offer

  • Full charging time: 8 hours with 220-volt, three-phase power

    The Face of Green?

  • While the 102EX has what looks to be the biggest battery pack ever fitted to a passenger car—71kWh worth of lithium-ion cells 388 volts, sourced from the Scottish firm Axeon—the downside is that, even connected to a three-phase 220-volt charger, it takes a full eight hours to recharge the electric flying lady.

    The Face of Green?


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