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  • n. A call in any children's game, such as jacks, where three actions must be performed.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Diminutive form of three.


  • She looked over the ledge and saw three girls playing jacks on a stoop across the street, seated on different steps, the girl with the ball still-bodied and hunched, only her hand working among the strewn jacks, frantically, and Klara could hear them calling threesies and kissies and interference, an argument breaking out, steely and clear.


  • Then threesies and foursies, making similar substitutions.

    Kugelach (aka Five Stones)

  • There are four series of steps: onesies, twosies, threesies, and foursies.

    Kugelach (aka Five Stones)

  • This morning, while my hard drive was scanning, I won threesies at solitaire.

    locking myself out...

  • "Only ones you might know would be that dancer, Tamara, and the two dudes she's been playing threesies with."

    Children Of The Night

  • Importantly, we have about 1,000 independent centers X-years ago and there's about 1,000 independent centers today because of basic growth in the market and it's very important to know that these independent centers, many of them are onesie, twosies, threesies, foursies and they cannot go out of business. Home Page

  • Should he win, does he have to go threesies on the garish globe?

    The Trades

  • Led Zeppelin (1301 Reads) "> Music > bobacus: My God man! vYou've cut it in threesies!!!! trickbear: (\__/) (= '.'


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