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  • n. Common misspelling of thresholds.


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  • Oh, and I like the gradual fadeout filibuster idea (a preset schedule of ever-lower vote threshholds to end debate, ending at a simple majority).

    Matthew Yglesias » Nuclear Warfare

  • For those with higher credibility threshholds, they may be accepted as a deliberate technique.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • For some readers with low credibility threshholds, this is a limit of suspension-of-disbelief; the “did happen” or “is happening” modality can no longer be entertained.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • Limitations on expression may achieve the threshholds, of concern for the security of their own group, or the security of the other group; this, in terms of:

    Think Progress » As Chamber Builds Up Political Operation, Treasury Officials Express Frustration With Group’s Distortions

  • Like James, I think the Tories would benefit from following the Lib Dems 'lead here, and raising tax (- free) threshholds.

    Labour's policy is a hostage to their internal struggles

  • According to the Washington Post, the recount law in Virginia is similar, but the threshholds are different — a state-paid recount is provided for a margin of less than 0.5%, while a candidate can post a bond and request a recount if the margin is less than 1%. print share


  • The difference between losing by 5-6% and 10-12% is less than you would think, Blue Skies, as it doesn't tend to cause that many counties tip over the threshholds needed for 2-1 delegate allocations.

    Gallup: Obama Leads Clinton By Two Points

  • The risk assessment indicated that thimerosal levels in vaccines might be higher than EPA-established threshholds.

    Arthur Allen: Congress Finds Nothing Underhanded About CDC's Thimerosal Work

  • Over the last couple of months Mr Cameron also apparently invented the idea of periodical reviews of the threshholds for Inheritance Tax and also it seems the idea of a climate change bill - actually something that the Co-op / Labour MP Mark Lazarowicz has championed in his Private Members Bill (05), following earlier success on Employee Share Ownership (02).

    Archive 2007-11-04

  • Ola, regulators often set threshholds under which there is no requirement to comply.

    Here come the regulators....everybody duck!


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