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  • adv. In a throbbing way.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In a throbbing manner; with throbs or pulsations.


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  • Any indignity that Villa Kennan chose to inflict upon him he was throbbingly glad to receive, such as doubling his ears inside out till they stuck, at the same time making him sit upright, with helpless forefeet paddling the air for equilibrium, while she blew roguishly in his face and nostrils.


  • There is a tremor, a light swelling, a twinge of what seems like habit now at the baser parts of me—three times today already—but I am too throbbingly numb—and too anxious to see what else happens—to act.

    Now or Something Very Similar

  • The city is depicted in great detail, but it's hard to get too excited: we tend to like extremes of exoticism or deprivation in our backdrops – the challengingly remote or the throbbingly metropolitan.

    In the Company of Angels by Thomas E Kennedy

  • Hot air, of course, was the problem ventilation was supposed to solve and generally it had solved the problem reasonably well up until the point someone invented air-conditioning, which had solved the problem far more throbbingly.

    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on tail risk

  • Running was mechanical, bone-throbbingly fulfilling& I could have run for days sometimes.

    Young Skin

  • Paul "Spitbangs" Wolfowitz, president of the World Bank and pants-throbbingly strident defender of some of the United States, has joined forces with frequent ideological opponent who can't be mentioned in the Wall Street Journal without the word "embattled," UN Secretary General Kofi "Black, Two Sugars" Annan to stroke one pet issue: killing poor people.

    Davis Sweet: Wolfie and Kofi: Parasites are Good for You

  • His description of a jet-powered car as 'idling throbbingly' just feels wrong to me.

    Review - Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said

  • It's a throbbingly long - a hypnotising and scary song from the point of view of a man waiting to be executed.

    lazarus Diary Entry

  • My nerves centered throbbingly back of my eyes, and I gave them the whole force of my will.

    Loaded Dice

  • I can unequivocally say that this is one of the top five most abysmally, hyperventilatingly, throbbingly appalling experiences of my life.

    The Sorrow and the Pilates


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