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  • adj. Resembling or characteristic of a throne.


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throne +‎ -like


  • Clients, who come from all over the world and are about 80% male, sit on a wooden thronelike chair in Mr. Miller's office for about 20 minutes of measurements—eight for each foot.

    The Yankee King of Cowboy Boots

  • There are no spectators at this meeting of the Concilium Infernalis—just Asmador and the Council members themselves, who have convened at the far end of the arena floor, twisting and squirming in high-backed, thronelike chairs framed from human bones and upholstered in leather tanned from human skins.


  • The sorceress sat erect in her thronelike chair by the fireplace, with the richly woven cloak Alys had fetched from upstairs about her shoulders and the Gold Staff across her knees.

    The Night Of the Solstice

  • Accented by ornately carved wood, it had a thronelike appearance, but the padded seat, back, and arms made it look comfortable, as well.

    Fatal Circle

  • A third man, portly and elderly, filled a thronelike chair that had armrests shaped like tiger heads.

    Enchanted Ivy

  • The Arch-Mage of Armethalieh, chief of the High Council, Lycaelon Tavadon, sat at the center of them, the back of his unadorned thronelike chair of black marble rising high above the other seats, a stark silhouette against the white wall behind him.

    Tran Siberian

  • It was swathed from ceiling to floor in curtains of red satin, and the only furniture in it was a single, large table, with a thronelike chair at one end (currently empty) and several more well-padded chairs on the other three sides.

    Widows and Orphans

  • There were nine tall, thronelike chairs with mosaics of colored glass set into their backs arranged in a semicircle around the far side of the table.

    Tran Siberian

  • Buddy was drunk, in his thronelike chair, drinking while the others ate.


  • Along the back of a thronelike, glossy black armchair, stark white lettering reads GOD SAVE THE QUEEN ($2,800; jimmiemartin.

    Sitting Pretty


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