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  • v. Present participle of throne.


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  • And a nice day to you too - the drought hasn't yet broken out in forest fires; one of the local does has triplets and her efforts to wean them are comical to everyone but the indignant fawns; the horsemint is out and aphrodite fritillaries are thronging it - although I have to say that 'throning' is kind of a euphemism for what the wanton butterflies are actually doing to those stamens and pistils.

    A Saturday coffeehouse.

  • If I make a statement that we must stop Corporation from running our government at any costs, and it happens, By Violence, Can I be put in jail for de-throning Corporations from office?

    Appellate Court: Encouraging Civil Disobedience is Not Protected Speech

  • In light of his recent throning, the chancellor annoints Vader to his seat.

    George Lucas: Done with the big screen? |

  • A good Astros game last night topped off by a scumbag de-throning.

    Firedoglake » Late Nite FDL: Bonus Bye-Bye Bugman Edition

  • And ye shall understand, that when [there be] great feasts and solemnities of that idol, as the dedication of the church and the throning of the idol, all the country about meet there together.

    The Travels of Sir John Mandeville

  • Don Enrique, returning, told me of it in his room at night, of the Christian service in the mosque and the throning in the Alhambra.


  • Bourbon king, throning it in the Tuileries and granting audiences to the ladies of his court? or is it only for my edification that he plays this magnificent game of etiquette and ceremonial and other stupid paraphernalia which have set me wondering since last night?

    The Bronze Eagle A Story of the Hundred Days

  • In our passage through life we meet scarcely any who do not persist, with a kind of unreasoning obstinacy, in throning the material within them, and there maintaining it supreme.

    The Buried Temple

  • She saw herself throning in a central panel at the spring exhibition, with the crowd pushing about the picture, repeating her name; and she decided to stop on the way home and telephone her press-agent to do a paragraph about Popple's tea.

    The Custom of the Country

  • Above their heads the trees met in a brown-and-purple tracery of boughs, and on their right, through the branches, they saw a pale full moon, throning it in a silver sky.

    The Testing of Diana Mallory


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