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  • n. A theme that runs through the plot of a film or other dramatic work.


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through +‎ line


  • But I think the only throughline is even in From Hell, which felt more like fantasy in some areas, that there’s a certain amount of reality.

    Collider Goes to the Set of THE BOOK OF ELI –

  • But my agent and my critique group members really liked him, and my agent suggested using him to create a "throughline" character for Mike to learn from and to show Mike's growth.

    Teens & Nursing Homes

  • Given that there's nothing in Barstow's piece (beyond the laboriously constructed Everyperson "throughline" these features always have) that you couldn't have picked up from Facebook over the last five months, this seems like another way that news organizations are no longer efficient vehicles for news.

    Reason Magazine

  • Peretyatko gives the story emotional heft, an intelligent throughline and glorious singing that turns the simple story from a delight thanks to the deft puppetry into a more moving experience.

    Michael Giltz: Theater: Not So "Good People," Fine "Timon," Lovely "Nightingale" and No KO for "Beautiful Burnout"

  • The Who Wants to be a Millionaire conceit pushes credibility to the limits, but if you roll with it, it makes a nice throughline for the film.

    Angels and Demons : Bev Vincent

  • Keith Nemitz, the game's creator (also nominated for a WGA award for his work), stresses that the throughline of the scene is that it's an interruption of a violent rape, and not the aftermath thereof -- and that therefore changing the word "dropped" above to "dropping" might alleviate the entire snafu.

    Big Trouble For Dangerous High School Girls

  • [UPDATE: I've heard from several DHSGiT players throughout today in email and conversations who didn't take issue with the content so much as with the fact that the "rape scene" represented what Kate in the below comments calls a "tonal shift" away from the rest of the game's throughline that seemed offensive or puzzling because it was so abrupt and misplaced relative to the rest of the game.]

    Big Trouble For Dangerous High School Girls

  • Wheeler -- whose preternatural gift for taking massive amounts of data and synthesizing a throughline helped to penetrate and recover key details about the opaque Bush-era torture regime, earn her a Hillman Award for investigative journalism -- immediately starting picking holesin the government's case.

    The Government's Case Against Julian Assange Is Falling Apart

  • There is, of course, a throughline, involving Elizabeth's melting reluctance to engage with her students -- though there are no sudden changes of heart or approach.

    Marshall Fine: HuffPost Review: Bad Teacher

  • Plus, dropping Pinter altogether from this section leaves us a little lost since there's no throughline to guide us into and beyond these painful testimonies.

    Michael Giltz: Theater: "Wonderlands" With A Thud; "Pinter" With A Purpose And Then You Die


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