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  • n. A missile weapon, consisting of a short club or cudgel, designed to be thrown by being whirled from the hand instead of directly in the line of its length, as in the case of the javelin.


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  • The third weapon is a wooden throw-stick, made of a specially hard wood called _miet_, which grows in the mountains; it is about a yard long, and pointed at both ends; it is called _ghatrif_.

    Southern Arabia

  • A sharp bone is used for lancing their gums, while the throw-stick is used for knocking out a tooth.

    Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine

  • This was the throw-stick, or fire-bow, which they soon began to work with serious effect from behind their breastworks, which they had strengthened by rolling logs to the top of the banks.

    At War with Pontiac The Totem of the Bear

  • The throwing or throw-stick, is to serve the purpose of a sling for casting the spear.

    Adventures in Australia

  • Boats of many kinds were ever passing along it, by the painted walls of temples and the gardens that extended around the light summer pavilions, from the pleasure, valley, with one great square sail in pattern and many oars, to the little papyrus skiff dancing on the water and carrying the seekers of pleasure where they could shoot with arrows or knock down with the throw-stick the wild fowl that abounded among the reeds, or engage in the dangerous chase of the hippopotamus or the crocodile.

    Smith's Bible Dictionary


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