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  • v. Present participle of throw up.


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  • The opportunity came when a TOW successfully engaged the right-hand T72; and, twenty-five seconds later, Owens lased onto the left-hand T72 and got off a shot which missed because, already, smoke from Shulubin's support line was coming down to shield the threatened tanks and shots were throwing up eruptions of soil all around.

    First Clash

  • For she had soon discovered that beneath his revolting exterior there lurked a monster whose depraved tastes would have had Caligula throwing up the window and hollering for the peelers; enforced bouts with Joe and other menials, while the husband of her bosom cheered them on, had been the least of it, and to make matters worse she had been drawn into the dark affairs of the Kuklos.

    Flashman and the angel of the lord

  • Earl marked the target, thirty yards out, a tuft of vegetation in a crest of black sand that had a too-studied look to it, and he knew a man lurked in a chamber behind the screen of fronds, and he put four rounds of tracer onto it, watching as the neon flickered across the distance and whacked into the green, throwing up clouds of black dust.

    A Bob Lee Swagger eBook Boxed Set

  • Even though throwing up at breakfast has got to be somewhere near the top of the list of the Ten Most Undesirable Qualities in a Houseguest—right behind tossing lit matches at the draperies and cooking illegal substances in the bathtub— Sherri is surprisingly calm about the whole thing.

    Disenchanted Princess

  • A woman's strident voice said, "My cat is always throwing up hairballs as big as my thumb."

    The Cat Who Went Underground

  • All this while the people were throwing up their hats and shouting with enthusiasm so contagious that the heart of Ernest kindled up, and he likewise threw up his hat, and shouted, as loudly as the loudest, ` ` Huzza for the great man!

    The Great Stone Face

  • And some embryologies are better than others at throwing up fruitful ranges of genetic variation for natural selection to work upon, and might therefore be better at evolving.


  • She recalled throwing up in a rainy gutter somewhere, retching her heart out while the tears streamed down her face.

    Mistress For A Weekend

  • Perhaps partly because of its segmentally modular architecture, the arthropod clade* is good at evolving, at throwing up variation in multiple directions, at diversifying, at opportunistically filling niches as they become available.


  • The Tongue leapt out of a narrow V in the top of it and flung itself like a suicide down into the canyon with a roar I should never have mistaken for a cascade, throwing up a billow of mist and spray I could almost feel, and crashing into the swirling green-white water below.

    Futures Imperfect


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