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  • prep. Nonstandard spelling of throughout.
  • adv. Nonstandard spelling of throughout.

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  • Throughout.

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  • A simplified spelling of throughout.


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See thru.


  • | Reply | Permalink i've honestly never read an entire pool report before; i had no idea they were so cram full of irrelevant facts. dear diary ... it's kind of odd to read linda douglas 'name thruout; good on her for going with her passion and walking away from her journalism career. the extra benefit of her on staff, too, is coming out of that media culture, she knows what she's up against and has no illusions how this campaign will be played. the obama camp's media game seems lightyears ahead of previous candidates' efforts. this is an excellent response; cause from all the cable chatter last nite, you can be sure they are just waiting to pounce on the slightest miscue obama may make:

    Obama Arrives in Afghanistan

  • We all howled with disgust multiple times thruout the movie … so as far as being horrified by a horror film goes … mission: accomplished.

    Pink is the New Blog | Everybody's Business Is My Business » Blog Archive » Attachment Issues

  • Their still recovering war dead all thruout the pacific and seeing that its properly buried, graves recovery teams are on most of the islands reclaiming and reinterring war dead, of all nations, the japanese reclaim the japanese and they return the americans and allies to their nation of origin when ever possible.

    Graves Set | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles

  • We need ample time to recover from deregulation, selfish and greedy decisions like Iraq and to regain our sense of dignity thruout the world.

    Clinton, Biden in 2016?

  • Even without * additional* Shuttle flights, the Shuttle will have to fly well into (if not thruout) FY2011 to complete ISS assembly and the additional science mission.

    Senator Shelby Speaks - NASA Watch

  • Oh, I want to add that thruout this Campaign and even now, the clintons have been careless with words ... misspeaking and apologizing, The next topic on Politicker will be Bill Clinton apologizing for "Scumbag" remark ....

    Carter to officially endorse Obama

  • Its discusting the way the clinton camp want to make this a lie when they know its the truth, U can take down the utube video and try to hide it from people in indiana and thruout the usa, but u wont get away with this, this time the truth will be know ...

    Clinton campaign: Controversial footage is a 'fabrication'

  • I would like to see that they are taught to think with common sense, compassion, empathy, reasoning and wisdom thruout their life, then all the beautiful wildlife that Africa has can survive – and definitely no cannibalism eating our closest relatives, and eating very little meat, as vegetables and fruits, etc. is the way to a healthier body and mind.

    Madonna's new girls' school

  • She certainly accepted his money thruout the period he was under investigation!

    Elizabeth Dole Dumps $10K Of Indicted Stevens' Money. Will Other GOP Senators Follow?

  • But actually, “disinterested” has been used to mean “uninterested” and “impartial” thruout its history by many educated writers.

    On the educated « Motivated Grammar


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