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  • An obsolete or dialectal form of thirsty.


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  • At one point, thrusty reached his legs out and put them around enola's waist and said, Look!

    Boing Boing: October 27, 2002 - November 2, 2002 Archives

  • On this particular sunny day at the lovely Camp and Son's in Willits, we were floating NUDE in the pond. enola and thrusty were sharing a floating raft thingy, holding on to each end, facing each other.

    Boing Boing: October 27, 2002 - November 2, 2002 Archives

  • George, he ansured, "I know that I shall finysh this [352] my lief in that blood-thrusty manis handis; butt it will not be of this maner."

    The Works of John Knox, Vol. 1 (of 6)

  • Sinitor Jones calls wan iv his thrusty hinchman to his side, an 'says he:' Mike, put on a pig-tail, an 'a blue shirt an' take a dillygation iv Chinnymen out to Canton an 'congratulate Mack on th' murdher iv mission'ries in China.

    Mr. Dooley's Philosophy

  • Sam loded his thrusty riffle and slew him. slew means kill. so that give Cele the idea and she done it. she sed she dident get enny help from the palsams. so mother is going to let Cele read dime novils if she dont read two many. then Keene up and sed that she had aught to be aloud to read Weded yet no wife but mother she sed no. so father give Keene

    Brite and Fair

  • After a winter of apples and pears I'm always overjoyed at the sight of those first pink thrusty buds poking from their crowns, as welcome as the first fritillaries. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • Knew I shouldn't have had it but I was thrusty!!!!!

    Discussion Forum - TuDiabetes

  • Furthermore, every woman in London possesses the discriminatory powers of LJK Setright and will withhold sex from any man who is either so poor as to select the standard-equipment "dog-dish" wheels or so offensively thrusty as to purchase the top-spec "deep-dish" performance wheels.


  • BMWs are for "thrusty buggers", but an Infiniti will apparently cause onlookers to vomit on sight because it's a fake BMW.


  • a thrusty liftnant wavin 'a statement iv th' circulation iv th '

    Mr. Dooley: In the Hearts of His Countrymen


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