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  • verb rare or dialectal To push; press.
  • verb To crowd; throng; squeeze.
  • verb figuratively To trouble; oppress.
  • verb To thrust.
  • verb caving ) To push, press, or squeeze into a place; move sideways or vertically in an upright position by wriggling the body against opposing rock surfaces. Compare chimney.
  • noun caving ) An obstacle overcome by thrutching; an act of thrutching (See verb #5)
  • noun Northern England A narrow gorge or ravine.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Middle English thrucchen ("to push, rush"), from Old English þryccan ("to push, press, trample on, crush"), from Proto-Germanic *þrukjanan (“to press”), *þrūganan (“to threaten”), from Proto-Indo-European *trūk-, *trūg- (“to press, beat”). Cognate with Dutch drukken ("to press, print"), German drücken ("to press, push"), drucken ("to print"), Danish trykke ("to press").


  • Oh, and I've learned some new words since I've been here: 'thrutch' and 'furtle'.

    Me And My Big Mouth

  • Aw welly think as th 'Almeety con find room for Amanda, and if He con, I think we mud be like to thrutch (push) her into Rehoboth.

    Lancashire Idylls (1898)


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