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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of thud.


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  • Rain thudded on the roof of the canon's cottage, but the thickly woven thatching kept the room dry, except for one or two small places in the corners where water first pooled and then trickled in slow fat drops to the beaten earth floor.

    Excerpt: Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Cross

  • We sat there on the floor, Diana and I, and read the little book together, while the rain thudded against the window panes.

    Further Chronicles of Avonlea

  • A gusty wind beat against the long grey windows, and between the gusts the heavy rain thudded on the roof above.

    The Fire Within

  • The albino had to sway to one side, staggered, and fell to the deck, rolling as the broadsword thudded into the deck, just missing his shoulder.

    The Weird of the White Wolf

  • Boots thudded back over the bridge above him toward the drilling platform.

    Gideon’s war

  • Except Gideon saw no animals, no monkeys or snakes, nothing but mosquitoes and moths nearly as big as his hand, which thudded around in the trees above him.

    Gideon’s war

  • Then the light disappeared, and the door thudded shut.

    Gideon’s war

  • I turned around, and my heart thudded in my chest.

    Master of Mirrors

  • The body of one of the yeshiva students thudded to the basement floor, his jeans and T-shirt soaked with blood.

    The Omega Theory

  • The MI-8s had turned off their running lights and now they thudded in the darkness.

    The Omega Theory


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