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  • adj. thuggish


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

thug +‎ -like


  • Especially notable were his thuglike hands and the fiery gleams in his blood - shot eyes.

    Chapter 39

  • What worse message could you send to teenage girls than the one they delivered at the Republican convention: If your handsome but somewhat thuglike boyfriend gets you with child, he will clean up nicely, propose marriage and show up at an important family event wearing a suit and holding your hand.


  • The most irritating South American leader continues to be the thuglike Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, but Chavez, who lost a referendum to perpetuate his power last December, has many political opponents within his own country and has even been losing support among poor voters, his most reliable allies.

    Philip Giraldi: Empowering Chavez

  • The combination of the belief in white supremacy (whose historical place in Southern culture would be difficult to over-estimate) and of the institution of slavery that belief justified, sowed a moral problem at the root of the culture: it involved enshrining, as God's will, some very thuglike forms of domination.

    The Bushite Era as a Re-Enactment of the American Civil War

  • Different from the thuglike force of Rock, Scissors represent aggression that is controlled, contained, and rechanneled into something constructive.


  • They had on those golfing hats, they had poofy pants tucked into knee-high socks and some of the most gaudiest, un-thuglike clothes a man could possibly wear.

    unclebob Diary Entry

  • Beck removed his helmet, revealing an impatient scowl on an acne-scarred, thuglike countenance.

    The Sinister Six Combo

  • Although Toto Schultz, chairman and CEO of All-Butter Candies, was born into an old moneyed family, you'd never know it to look at his face, which is scarred and thuglike.

    Clash of the Titans

  • You can't go around the world claiming the high ground with thuglike morality.


  • The thuglike men from Heldridge were as dirty as Menessos’s men, but they were moving much more stiffly.

    Arcane Circle


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