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  • n. A kind of door-latch in which a lever passing through the door raises the latch.


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  • He halfheartedly tried the thumb-latch, crooking his forefinger around the base where no prints were likely to be found, and pulling downward; to his surprise, he felt it move and heard a click.

    The Girls He Adored

  • Fig. 217 shows the outside of the door and you can see that by pressing down the thumb-latch on the outside it will lift it up on the inside, and with it the bolt lifts up the free end of the latch and thus unfastens the door.

    Shelters, Shacks and Shanties

  • Keetor's old vaudeville theatre made there by the petulant push of gloved hands too impatient to finger the clumsy thumb-latch -- and where I last saw Cherry whisking through like a swallow into her nest, on time to the minute, as usual, to dress for her act.

    Strictly business: more stories of the four million

  • I doubt if she has ever yet penetrated the mystery of the newer patent fastenings; but the old-fashioned thumb-latch she can see through, give her time enough.

    Birds and Poets : with Other Papers

  • Many of the interior doors still open with the old thumb-latch; but the piece of shoe-string to pull and lift it is now relegated to the cottages, and fast disappearing even there before brass-handled locks.

    The Toilers of the Field

  • Investigation revealed that the original key lock on the airplane's forward baggage door had been replaced with an unapproved thumb-latch device.

    Aero-News Network

  • Peter made a mental image of the scene, for it was to be firmly imbedded in his mind so that he would never forget the slightest detail for the rest of his life -- the wind blowing about the fierce visage, tossing up the long strands of hair; the massive, veined hand that clutched the wrought iron thumb-latch, and the way that the lamp struck his face, highlighting the thin, ridged nose and high cheekbones.

    The White Feather Hex

  • The thumb-latch (Fig. _L_, 213) is whittled out in the form shown, and fastened in a slot cut in the door by a nail driven through the edge of the door (Fig. _M_, 213) and through a hole in the thumb-latch (Fig. _L_,

    Shelters, Shacks and Shanties


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