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  • n. A small joystick that can be operated with the thumb.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

thumb +‎ stick


  • Every tiny movement of a thumbstick translates to a larger movement ingame. Stories / Popular

  • For now, we're concerned with making him respond to the left thumbstick, which is part of the gamepad.

    Global Nerdy

  • Cons: Very small game library for a 5-year-old device; thumbstick controls can feel awkward; classic model is bulky for a handheld. iPod Touch

    Shopping Guide: A beginner's guide to video game systems

  • I do have fun with Wii games for the most part, but they don't suck me in like the more traditional D-pad/thumbstick/mouse & keyboard games.

    Pondering An Effort At Exercise Software

  • On the subject, can anyone here submit an example of a last gen or contemporary videogame that starts you off using only one button and a thumbstick, gradually requiring usage of more real estate on the controller as you progress through the game?

    Imagination And Abstraction

  • Better still, if you use the thumbstick to aim at enemies, you can hit the left trigger to pop out from cover and then get a shot off at the enemies without having to expose yourself to much enemy return fire.

    Mafia 2 Hands On |

  • Players can press the A button to stick to nearby cover and then use the left trigger and thumbstick to aim around the cover at other hidden enemies.

    Mafia 2 Hands On |

  • You can use the right thumbstick to pull out your wallet, knock on a door, present your business card, even rummage through your pockets for an asthma inhaler.

    Wired Top Stories

  • The controller, however, deserves mention: It eschewed the analog thumbstick for a curiously cool trackball.

    The Top 5 Things Apple Wishes We’d Forget About

  • The bullet curving is an easy to use, one button plus thumbstick function.

    Wanted: Weapons of Fate Demo Impressions


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