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  • And at the University of Texas, doctors are testing an extract from a 2,000-year-old Chinese herbal remedy called Lei Gong Teng (loosely translated as the "thunder-god vine") in patients who have not been helped by conventional therapies.

    Autoimmune Disorders

  • An oasis too of intelligent conversation as proprietor Thor (no relation to the thunder-god, unfortunately) playwright, actor, theatre-director, critic, lecturer, and his musician wife, Cindy, are book-loving kindred spirits.

    Skoob is Books Drawkcab

  • Especially the vicious, murdering lies behind what is called patriotism, that perpetuator of paternalism and an inherited, psychopathic Jewish thunder-god.

    Pro Patria Mori?

  • Every summer since then, a Thursday has been set aside to celebrate the town's deliverance-Thursday being named after Donar or Thor, the thunder-god, who sent down the giant pig.

    Gravity's Rainbow

  • The belt of the thunder-god Thor corroborates the fact of the diffusion of these Babylonian ideas as far as Northern Europe.

    The Evolution of the Dragon

  • The close association of the ram with the thunder-god is probably related with the fact that the sun-god Amon in Egypt was represented by the ram with a distinctive spiral horn.

    The Evolution of the Dragon

  • De Groot regards the dragon as a thunder-god and therefore, like Hirth, assumes that the supposed thunder-ball is being _belched forth_ and not being _swallowed_ by the dragon.

    The Evolution of the Dragon

  • His wedding with the sun brings on him the wrath of Perkunas [the thunder-god], as the song tells us

    Moon Lore

  • It is, of course, quite irrational for a thunder-god to swallow his own thunder: but popular interpretations of subtle symbolism, the true explanation of which is deeply buried in the history of the distant past, are rarely logical and almost invariably irrelevant.

    The Evolution of the Dragon

  • In Egypt the god Amen was identified with the ram; and this creature's spirally curved horn became the symbol of the thunder-god throughout the Mediterranean area, [330] and then further afield in Europe, Africa, and Asia, where, for instance, we see Agni's ram with the characteristic horn.

    The Evolution of the Dragon


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