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  • Even after thus-and-such a test came back normal, there was yet another -- each of which had to be paid for.

    Tick Tock that Biological Clock - Feministing

  • I'm perfectly content for students to be drawn to a work of literature, in part, because of the appeal of the characters, and certainly some of what we do in the classroom and even in literary criticism seems like character analysis--why so-and-so did thus-and-such.

    Ferule & Fescue

  • Many archival job listings, in addition to specifying X years of thus-and-such experience and a degree or degrees in Y with a concentration in Z, include the qualification “ability to lift 50 pounds”.

    “work forms us, and deforms us” | clusterflock

  • There are no forward looking statements other than "he did that or behaved that way in the past so maybe just maybe he will do thus-and-such in the future".

    If we're all supposed to see that Obama is a socialist, and then he wins by a landslide...

  • Many people say something like, "Well, I really think so-and-so would make the best President by far, but he's not electable, so I'm supporting thus-and-such."

    Electability: Excuse for Not Thinking

  • My sole purpose In crafting that pseudoscientific rigmarole is simply to follow the bidding of Cronin, who said "explain how thus-and-such" not "tell me why explaining this is a hollow and meaningless endeavor."

    Snark Free Corner for 12/10 | Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources

  • There was nothing in the bird brain that said, ‘When thus-and-such happens, start flocking.’

    Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » Boids a-Flockin’

  • The alternative of trying to pick and choose will inevitably lead to mountains of complaints about why such-and-such an app was allowed while thus-and-such was denied.


  • It's why it's perilous to do editorial work on material with which you have no personal sympathy: if you're making choices based on what thus-and-such market segment "ought to like," you run the risk of choosing stuff that no one loves at all.

    Making Light

  • Rovera's 'research' seems to follow the same pattern time and again (she's frequently quoted in news reports accusing Israel of using white phosphorus shells against civilians, summary executions of Palestinian children, etc.): Palestinians tell her that thus-and-such happened, and she repeats it to reporters along with her judgment that whatever atrocity she is describing is a violation of international law.

    Israelated - English Israel blogs


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