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  • interj. Alternative form of thock.


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  • The baseballs were soft-core, and instead of the crack of a bat there was more of a "thwop" as Pujols connected with the pitches. Top News Headlines

  • I was shop-vac-ing my "Princess Cat Parlour" - I'll explain what this is shortly - when I heard a "thwop" following by the bagpipey noise that indicates, "In four hours the ship blows up, Captain."

    Celebrity Online News - Celebrity Gossip, Celebrity Information and Celebrity Reports. Celebrity RSS Feed Available

  • had a squirrel miss sticking the landing on a branch overhead and dropped with a wet "thwop" into the middle of a group ride.

    The Dignity of Commuting by Bicycle: Cold-Blooded Murder

  • Jaffron pulled his palms from the glass with a wet thwop! and shook the numbness from his arms.

    High Jinks

  • The rhythmic “thwop … thwop … thwop” of a scuffed baseball smacking the web of a broken-in glove is without question a sound of peace.

    Paradise General

  • Svenson heard the doors opening, the scuffle and creak of the men lifting the fallen Duke, the thwop of water slopping out of the tub, the scuffle of footsteps and finally the closing of the door.

    The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters

  • Three or four times I got hold of an easy ball and crushed it with a satisfying thwop, like someone beating a rug, but each time, my rocket rebounded high off the back wall and was a simple putaway.

    The Last Squash Tennis Player

  • They were on the brick path to the front door when they heard the thwop-thwop-thwop! of a helicopter's rotors and, looking up, saw what looked like a military gunship coming in low and fast.

    Second Skin

  • Once or twice Wolf paused because he thought he heard the thwop-thwop-thwop! of rotors cutting air, imagining that it would not be beyond Breathard's power to bring in police helicopters, but the sounds, if they were from a department copter, never rose in volume, and he pushed Chika onwards, moving them further and further away from the red sector of the commish's brownstone.

    Black Blade

  • There was a soft thwop! and an intense whitish green light burned into his retinas.

    Floating City


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