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  • n. Plural form of thylakoid.


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  • Stroma are full of hollow disks (similar to a whoopie cushion) called thylakoids arranged in stacks call grana. - Articles related to Plants give up some deep secrets of drought resistance

  • The photosynthetic machinery is embedded in specialized membranes called thylakoids located in the chloroplasts of leaf cells.

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  • Chloroplasts are double membrane organelles with the an inner membrane folded into disc-shaped sacs called thylakoids

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  • Although human beings are curious by nature, why aren't we enthralled by the inner workings of thylakoids -- whatever those are?

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  • In the exposed peduncle, the membranes constituting the thylakoids were very distinct and plentiful, but in the flag leaf, there was a sharp breakdown at stage 4 and complete disintegration of the thylakoid membranes at stage 5.

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  • The chloroplasts are typically discoid as in most plants, and the thylakoids, where photsysnthesis takes place, are in stacks of three to five, with girdle lamellae connecting the thylakoids.

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  • Also, humans might have thermoreceptors, like thylakoids inside plants enabling photosynthesis, that permit radio waves to trigger a cascade of chemical events.

  • "We confirmed that this protein, which we renamed TAP38, is associated with thylakoids, and we identified mutant strains that lacked it.

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