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  • noun medicine The production of thymocytes, which later become T cells


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thymo- + -poiesis


  • Vascularized thymic lobe allografts support thymopoiesis.

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  • Heinzel K, Bleul CC (2007) The Foxn1-dependent transcripts PCOLCE2 and mPPP1R16B are not required for normal thymopoiesis.

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  • Panoskaltsis-Mortari A, Kuro OM, Hollander GA, Blazar BR, et al. (2007) Sustained thymopoiesis and improvement in functional immunity induced by exogenous KGF administration in murine models of aging.

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  • As a growth factor and cytokine physiologically produced by marrow or thymic stromal cells and other epithelia, IL-7 has an important and, at some steps, a non-redundant stimulating effect on T lymphocyte development, notably on thymopoiesis and, down-stream from the thymus, on homeostatic expansion of peripheral T cells.

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  • In addition, we utilized the chimeric severe combined immunodeficient mouse/human (SCID-hu) system in which mice are transplanted with human fetal thymus and liver under the renal capsule, forming a conjoint human organ that phenotypically and functionally recapitulates human thymopoiesis within the mouse

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  • Withers-Ward ES, Amado RG, Koka PS, Jamieson BD, Kaplan AH, et al. (1997) Transient renewal of thymopoiesis in HIV-infected human thymic implants following antiviral therapy.

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  • Kitchen SG, Killian S, Giorgi JV, Zack JA (2000) Functional reconstitution of thymopoiesis following HIV infection.

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