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  • n. A hormone secreted by the thymus that stimulates development of T cells.

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  • n. A polypeptide hormone, secreted by the thymus, that stimulates the development of T cells as part of the immune system

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  • n. hormone secreted by the thymus; stimulates immunological activity of lymphoid tissue


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  • Thymalfasin, also referred to as thymosin alpha 1, is a synthetic preparation of a thymic peptide which circulates in the blood naturally, and is instrumental in the immune response to certain cancers and viral infections. Featured News and Stories

  • Researchers are studying a number of compounds, including thymosin, an extract of the thymus gland, for treatment of hepatitis C infection.


  • Epithelial cells produce thymic hormones, thymosin and thymopoetin www.

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  • SciClone's Zadaxin (thymalfasin or thymosin alpha 1) is sold in over 30 countries for the treatment of hepatitis B (HBV) and hepatitis C (HCV), certain cancers and as a vaccine adjuvant.

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  • "The study demonstrated that the thymosin β4 level was significantly lowered in liver failure patients, suggesting that thymosin β4 might become a new therapeutic agent for liver failure caused by chronic HBV infection," concluded the research team.

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  • It was reported that serum thymosin β4 levels were significantly lower in patients with chronic hepatitis B infection and that the magnitude of the reduction of thymosin β4 was closely related to the severity of the hepatic injury and to patient death.

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  • ZADAXIN, scientifically referred to as thymalfasin or thymosin alpha 1, is SciClone's synthetic preparation of thymalfasin, a peptide produced by the thymus gland which circulates in the blood naturally and is instrumental in immune responses.

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  • Mexico Patent and Trademark Office for the use of thymosin beta 4 Tβ4, its analogues, isoforms, and other derivatives, for preventing or healing the damage that occurs from a myocardial event, or heart attack.

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  • The mice in the study were treated with thymosin alpha 1 (Talpha1/thymalfasin), a synthetic form of the hormone thymosin, produced by the thymus gland.

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  • "We know that thymosin is currently being used in Europe to treat cancer, so we set out to see what effect this could have on glioblastomas."

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