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  • n. Plural form of tian.


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  • * The global foreign mission force includes all kinds of Chris - tians (Protestants, Anglican, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, etc).

    How new missionaries choose their country of service: do we need a change?

  • Don't anyone, anywhere, get in my face and tell me about the blessedness of the religious Middle Eastern dessert cults, be it torture-cross bearing X-tians, Muslim bath-robe turbanites, or Israeli interlopers with mutilated penises who can't get along with their Arab Abrahamic half-brothers, or any other member of a cult that engages in the kind of anti-social behavior committed in the name of a "higher" exo-planet source of transformative energy.

    In 20 Words or Less Tell Me Why...

  • X-tians have their women's clinic bombers and anti-choice activists who work day and night to think of hair-splitting ways to shave away what remains of Roe v. Wade, subjecting women to the control of men and fundie religious superstition.

    Peace from Christian or Islam? Give me Freethought!

  • They reheat well, an make a terrific complimentary side dish for rich foods, from creamy tians to potatos anna, to duck.

    Bitter Greens with Beans

  • It would be a true Christmas miracle to see people light up -- like our interfaith minister at Pebble Hill Church spoke about this Sunday -- to see the ligtht, to find the light in people -- rather than for right wing fundamentalist, extremist hate-embracing X-tians finding more reasons to be angry, to find differences to DEMAND control, to insist that other people to things THEIR way.

    Printing: The Good War-- Against Christmas

  • The Pagans are outraged at the X-tians war on Ostara, and the blasphemy of ripping off her festival of sacred bunnies and eggs.

    Firedoglake » Of Last Throes, Enrichment and Mickey Mouse Watches

  • Poor, poor fundie x-tians…They want so badly to be victims of a vast scientific/atheist conspiracy.

    The "Banning" of Pandas - an update - The Panda's Thumb

  • To the limits of my best recollection, I do not recall any groups of queers campaigning on the local, state, and national levels to take civil rights away from X-tians.

    Strangers in a strange land

  • Now, in these days, many Chris - tians believe that all has been won for them.

    The Gospel according to the Son

  • These later scribes-now they were called Chris - tians-had heard of my journeys.

    The Gospel according to the Son


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