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  • n. A string of cash. See cash, 1.


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  • Chao chu yin yang, tiao chu san jie, tuo chu wu xing

    Tao I

  • Therefore, “Chao chu yin yang, tiao chu san jie, tuo chu wu xing” means go beyond the yin yang world, jump out from the control of Heaven, Earth, and human being, and escape the control of the Five Elements world.

    Tao I

  • This sacred phrase, tiao chu san jie, further explains how powerful it is to reach yu Dao he zhen.

    Tao II

  • The authentic Asian breakfast I saw in Taiwan was a very thin rice gruel plus a you-tiao (= “grease-stick”), a kind of deep-fried pastry.

    Matthew Yglesias » Tuesday Burrito Blogging

  • The most common dish involving all these delicious foods comes in a noodle soup form with various meats, offals, meat balls or seafood- 粿條, guo tiao (Mandarin), goh tiew (Cantonese) hu tieu, kway teow (Thai) and kuy teav (Khmer).

    Breakfast Noodles in Chinatown, Los Angeles - A Tasting of Chiu Chow Soup Noodles

  • It is very similar to the steamed rice noodles (cheung fun) at dim sum restaurants and Chiu Chow (Trieu Chau) soup noodles, also known as 'huh fun' or 'guo tiao'.

    Archive 2007-05-01

  • In any vietnamese restaurant, besides pho, you'll see something called 'hu tieu' which as mentioned before is the Vietnamese name for 'gwo tiao', which means soup noodles with thick rice noodles or yellow egg noodles.

    A Thesis/Dissertation: Why Are There So Many Asian Food Bloggers?!

  • Vietnamese refer to their soup noodles as 'hu tieu'... which is the same as chinese (guo tiao) and thai (kway tiao).

    Archive 2007-05-01

  • The name for soup noodles is 'kway tiao'... which is the same as Chinese 'guo tiao', Vietnamese and Cambodian 'hu tieu'.

    Archive 2007-05-01

  • The delicious Chinese donut is called “yiu tiao” in Mandarin and “yao ja guai” literally fried devils in Cantonese.

    Jumbo « I HEART BACON


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