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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of tickle.


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  • The name tickled the back of my brain, but I couldn’t place it.

    The Hollow

  • Tibetan monks and Catholic nuns, for instance, have an inordinate ability to tap into the “god-spot” (the pop-science term) whenever they wish, while when Dr. Richard Dawkins had his brain tickled by neurological scientists he only reported a “headache.”

    Matthew Yglesias » Misfortune?

  • The name tickled a memory at the back of his mind, but it eluded him before he could bring it up to the surface.

    Children Of The Night

  • For some reason the name tickled her sense of humour, and she threw back her head and roared.

    The Twins At St Clare's

  • The phrase tickled all my after-dinner-coffee sense of humor into an anticipation of Poker Flat.

    Jimville: A Bret Harte Town

  • The phrase tickled my fancy, and, thenceforward, I would have no other title for the sight-draughts made by the boys upon my bank of memory.

    When Grandmamma Was New The Story of a Virginia Childhood

  • The coins tickled the tips of his fingers very pleasantly as he let them fall, and jingled musically in the darkness.

    The Fortune of the Rougons

  • They were all laughing at me now, and I was sure Kydos was telling me a foolish tale just to prove I was fool enough to believe it, but the notion tickled me, and moonflower was blooming inside me, and I laughed until I got the hiccups.


  • The name tickled Kitty immensely, and she chuckled, "Billjim!

    Fifty-Two Stories For Girls

  • The one word roar recurs though the text, as if to remind us of the din within each of her characters: strangers meet in a hotel and share the presence of potential nakedness without a touch; Liam's thirst for alcohol rages while Veronica's pads along behind her through insomniac nights; a moustache can barely be noticed before its description moves on to the idea of tickled thighs.



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