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  • n. Plural form of tickle.


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  • "I read more'n they do, I reckon, an 'sometimes a word tickles me till I git it out."

    Dixie Hart

  • The name tickles the people's ears, and it wouldn't do to tell 'em I lost my leg by falling down the main hatchway when half-seas over; so, do you see, I generally sticks to the _Thunderer_ story, as it's nearer the truth than any other, and doesn't so much hurt my conscience. "

    The Loss of the Royal George

  • What kind of tickles me most about this whole debacle, is the notion that the "Young Eagles" I think it was – the "young" donors who expected the RNC to spring for the tab at the Strip joint – are up to 45 years old!

    Steele speaks with RNC committee members

  • The bee walks on my hand for a bit and it kind of tickles me.

    Bumble Bee

  • Once, a paesano told me :'m,for me, the music is that sound that 'tickles' my ears in a pleasant way , even being it a perpetual one note fart .

    The Magic Circle

  • [Tickles] As a matter of fact, experience has taught the fishermen to use "tickles," as narrow passages are called, for harbors, that there may always be a windward and a leeward entrance.

    Bowdoin Boys in Labrador An Account of the Bowdoin College Scientific Expedition to Labrador led by Prof. Leslie A. Lee of the Biological Department

  • Grumbo, an 'tickles 'em to death wid de pint uf my knife.


  • "It feels weird and kind of tickles, but he's soft and smooth" the Martin Bluff Elementary second-grader said as a snake handler removed the red milk snake and proceeded to educate a gathering crowd about the reptile.


  • If something unusual's going on in the area, it kind of tickles our curiosity, if you know what I mean. "

    For Love of Mother-Not

  • "Yes, you're surprised -- so's everybody -- and it kind of tickles me to surprise people.

    Drusilla with a Million


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