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  • noun countable a rocky pool by the ocean that is filled with seawater left behind by the falling tide


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From tide + pool


  • There is someone who does LOVE, because I have my own tidepool, it is at my desk and I can look at it every day and remember.

    Giving in to winter (and Hello Kitty in Hawaii)

  • There is someone who does LOVE, because I have my own tidepool, it is at my desk and I can look at it every day and remember.

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • Enjoying tidepool life calls for special tide pool etiquette in order to experience and enjoy these special habitats without damaging them.

    Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary

  • I had a similar experience watching a small octopus in a tidepool.

    Tympanocryptis cephalus - The Panda's Thumb

  • I was "oohing" and "aahing" at each pic -- then I "oohed" at the frosted cake pic not thinking it wasn't a chocolatey tidepool.


  • Whether he can navigate the currents, or will become marooned in a centrist tidepool, will have huge consequences for the period ahead.

    Tom Hayden: Can Podesta Craft a Transition to a New Progressive Era?

  • Resembling a “galactic ecosystem,” whose interrelated components are as rich and diverse though not as complex as those of life in a tidepool or a tropical forest, this loose interstellar matter eventually collected into huge gas clouds which, in turn, slowly contracted to give birth to a new generation of stars, among them the Sun and its family of planets nearly five billion years ago.

    The Making of a New Biophilia: Evolutionary Governance and the Modern Creation Myth By Walter Truett Anderson

  • There's tons of awesome & accessible urban marine ecology in most coastal cities - fouling communities, salt marshes, riprap, the occasional natural tidepool...

    Week of the Blue kickoff: Kingdom of the Blue Whale

  • In her own life, however, she often went considerably out of her way to avoid harming non-human beings, carefully returning microscopic tidepool specimens to the ocean after studying them, for example.

    Rachel Carson's environmental ethics

  • Neither you nor I, with our earth-bound senses, know the foam and surge of the tide that beats over the crab hiding under the seaweed of his tidepool home; or the lilt of the long, slow swells of mid-ocean, where shoals of wandering fish prey and are preyed upon, and the dolphin breaks the waves to breathe the upper atmosphere.

    Undersea (historical)


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