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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of tidy.


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  • I've been meaning to write about Trappings for a while now, and then of course I "tidied" my office and an enormous number of things got put in one of those dread piles from which only now are the bravest and most stalwart to-dos escaping.

    January 2008

  • Then he "tidied" the bed with masculine pulls and jerks till it was even more untidy than before, and went back to his chair.

    The Hippodrome

  • She brought a "tidied" rocking-chair, and smiling in her welcome, said that as this was his first visit, she must make him comfortable.

    The Colossus A Novel

  • The girls hastily 'tidied' the room, which meant putting the chairs against the wall, and piling all the odds and ends into a corner and partly hiding them with the big leather arm-chair that Father used to sit in after dinner.

    The Railway Children

  • They had visited the Coliseum, at that period still overhung with ivy garlands and trailing greeneries, and not, as now, scraped clean and bare and "tidied" out of much of its picturesqueness.

    What Katy Did Next

  • Yet notwithstanding this ominous comparison she presently made her appearance with her sleeves turned down, her black woollen dress "tidied," and a smile of fatigued but not unkindly welcome and protection on her face.


  • The bold promontory on which it stood is now neatly kept and 'tidied' with smooth slopes, straight walks, and double rows of trees, pleasant to walk upon, but more suggestive of the Bois de Boulogne than the approach to a ruin.

    Normandy Picturesque

  • "tidied," Mrs. Somerville sat down on the bed and taking up some pieces of cloth began to tack them together with needle and thread, ready for the machine.

    The Workingman's Paradise An Australian Labour Novel

  • "tidied" ( "redded" having been censored by Derry some time ago) and a very peaceful, homelike atmosphere prevailed.

    Amarilly of Clothes-line Alley

  • So I kind of tidied up everything I was working on. "

    Tony Sachs: Author (Still) Unknown: The Brilliant Music and Star-Crossed Career of Jason Falkner


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