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  • n. A stem or stalk; also, the shaft of a column, from the base-moldings to the capital.
  • n. In some firearms, a pin at the base of the breech, designed to expand the base of the ball.
  • n. In a center-fire cartridge, a support for the cap or primer.


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  • "The tige is the part of plants which, directed into the air, supports, and _gives growing power to_, the branches, the twigs, the leaves, and the flowers.

    Proserpina, Volume 2 Studies Of Wayside Flowers

  • “Reconstruit les cheveux abimes en penetrant dans la tige capillaire, optimisant ainsi la cohesion et la revitalization.”

    How to Shampoo in French

  • Reconstruit les cheveux abîmés en pénétrant dans la tige capillaire, optimisant ainsi la cohésion et la revitalization.

    How to Shampoo in French

  • Imagine that a Great White shark and a Bengal tige...

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • Jah, ma olen aeg-ajalt inimeste tegude pärast pettunud (ei, mitte sinu omade, Bertinotti puhul pigem, eks), ma olen kurb, väsinud, pahane, tige ja kõik need teised emotsioonid.

    tatsutahime Diary Entry

  • Yet she still had the ves-tige of a waist, and it was here she used the knife, cutting through her shift and the top layers of flesh beneath.

    Wizard and Glass

  • This manual is a translation and adaptation of "La plante la tige, les bourgeons, les feuilles," published by the Agri - Service - Afrique of the Institut africain pour le dveloppement conomique et social (INADES), and forms part of a series.

    Chapter 2

  • Page 615, Volume 3 tige of Laplace gave support to his concept of equally likely events and actually to the “principle of insuffi - cient reason” (or briefly “indifference principle”) on which this concept rests (Section IV, 6).

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • Kant may be, he is still under the shadow of the pres - tige of the idea of genesis.


  • The formal analysis was prompted by the rapid development of logical techniques as well as the pres - tige which logical positivism attached to formal con - struction, while disparaging ordinary language as enshrining the mistakes and myths of the past.



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