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  • n. Any of several species of fish with stripes on their bodies, otherwise fearsome appearance, or aggressive predatory behavior.


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tiger +‎ fish


  • tigerfish, that is because they are for public's eyes.

    25 Things about myself

  • Bangar, a tigerfish or adcap at full speed would punch through most hull plating.

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  • Thirty-nine species of fish have been recorded from the waters below the falls, including butter barbel Schilbe mystus, eastern bottlenose Mormyrus longirostris, chessa Distichodus schenga, nkupe Distichodus mossambicus, and eighty-four from the waters above the falls, including African mottled eel Platystacus cotylephorus, tigerfish Hydrocynus vittatus, Kafue pike Hepsetus odue and silver barbel Schilbe intermedius and several species of bream.

    Mosi-oa-Tunya Victoria Falls, Zambia

  • A newer good book is Somewhere Down the Crazy River by Paul Boote and Jeremy WAde– two crazed Brit fishers on expeditions after mahseer and giant tigerfish in Africa of course.

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  • Carnivorous tigerfish had braved the poisoned streams and were feeding on flesh that had fallen into the water.

    William Langewiesche on the Amazon air crash

  • Victoria Falls forms a geographical barrier between the distinct fish faunas of the upper and middle Zambezi River, with fish species including breams Oreochromis mossambica, T. macrochir, T. andersoni, Serranochromis robustus, Sargochromis condringtoni, chessa Distichodus schenga, tigerfish Hydrocynus vittatus, and barbel Clarias gariepinus.

    Victoria Falls National Park, Zimbabwe

  • Hi tigerfish, I lookded up Kueh Tutu in google images, and yeah they do look similar.

    Coconut ‘sammanthi’ « Salt and Pepper.

  • It would have been true of laws prohibiting racial intermarriage in 1930. tigerfish wrote:

    Gay/Lesbian Forum

  • The extreme angler and biologist travels across the globe, from Texas to the Congo, and wrestles with monsters like the ferocious Goliath tigerfish, the venemous freshwater stingray and the predatory giant snakehead.

    TV Squad

  • Angler Jeremy Wade wrestled the 5ft-long goliath tigerfish during a fishing expedition along the Congo River in Africa. | Top Stories


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