tight-stretched love



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  • His body was thin and gaunt, without flesh-pads or muscles, while the bones seemed ready to break through the tight-stretched skin.

    CHAPTER 25

  • We are lean and wretched, and our bones show through our tight-stretched skins.


  • Something rustled under the wall behind me, and I whirled and froze in my tracks, my hand fumbling for the butt of my pistol but checked by sheer terror as a figure moved out from the wall, lean and lithe as a cat-and I gasped as the light fell on the tight-stretched skin of a painted face, with eyes like coals, and above, the double feathers of a Navajo Indian.


  • Thereon did Cypris, fairest of the blessed gods, first catch up the crashing cymbals, native to that land, and the drum with tight-stretched skin, and then Demeter smiled, and in her hand. did take the deep-toned flute, well pleased with its loud note.


  • Inside, just under the tight-stretched skin of her belly, she felt she could hear a minute heart gallop like a horse, an unformed mouth trying to form words to say to its mother.

    An Atlas of Impossible Longing

  • Also I believe he was in a tight-stretched spandex-like costume at the end, but I think they left out the nipples at least.

    Will Smith Says Hancock 2 Definitely Will Happen « FirstShowing.net

  • He awakens with the tent dark except for a tiny amount of moonlight or starlight seeping through the tight-stretched hides.

    The Terror

  • The thunder grew louder as I penetrated deeper and deeper into the murk that boiled around me, becoming hideously regular, like the beating of a kettledrum, so that my ears rang with it, and I felt myself a hollow skin, tight-stretched, vibrating with each crash of sound.

    A Breath of Snow and Ashes

  • Here is a bold and active mind that loves to deal with actual things, which struggles to express each shock exactly as it impinges upon his tight-stretched senses.

    The Common Reader, Second Series

  • I had the slightly greenish skin of a Zorastian, plus the large eyes, the show of fanged side teeth under tight-stretched, very thin, and near colorless lips.

    Uncharted Stars


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