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  • n. Plural form of tightwad.


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  • "High money planners are more likely to score high on scales measuring frugality, impulse buying, coupon proneness, value consciousness and to be classified as 'tightwads' rather than 'spendthrifts,'" the authors write. - latest science and technology news stories

  • People who think of themselves as either tightwads or spendthrifts supposedly are less happy than people in between.

    Tightwadism, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Even a precocious third-grader can see why even fiscal tightwads should make an exception for spending that ultimately brings in more money than it costs.

    Ian Fletcher: Why the Budget Is the Wrong Thing to Fight About

  • "It says a minimum of $20,000 but I'll start at [$10,000] because you're a bunch of tightwads," Ms. Stone told the crowd as she attempted to gain interest in a Marina Abramovic photograph.

    White Monkeys, Green Faces At Colorful Hamptons Benefit

  • But to those unabashed tippers who commit this crime on a recurring basis, those egregious tightwads, those who have so obviously never suffered the weight of nine Diet Cokes, hold the ice and six sippy cups of chocolate milk, all of which the server stirred to a chocolaty perfection.

    Waitresses Deserve Respect, And Tips

  • Hence the decision by George Osborne and his tightwads at the Treasury to launch the government's Spending Challenge website; the better to harness the cost-cutting ideas of the general public.


  • WWJD (Bubba): The problem with counting on charity to get the job done is that as people prosper, many become tightwads or they simply have other things to do.

    Duck, It's Hillary!

  • Chris Christie of New Jersey is now among the nation's most celebrated tightwads, having canceled a major tunnel project under the Hudson River connecting his state with New York.

    Mulligans: Chris Christie's lavish tastes; Michelle Obama gets touchy-feely

  • Money grubbing tightwads don't say "charge for everything" and then turn around.

    Eureka: What About Bob?

  • No one else was allowed to have a pet; that Amanda was, was due to a clever sales pitch she had made to the mall owners, a bunch of tightwads, combined with impeccably trained animals.

    Naked Cruelty


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