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  • n. Any of various cichlid fishes of the genus Tilapia, native to Africa but introduced elsewhere as a valuable food fish.

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  • n. Any of various edible fish, of the genus Tilapia, native to Africa and the Middle East but naturalized worldwide.

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  • n. a genus of Cichlidae


New Latin Tilapia, genus name.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
Modern Latin from the genus Tilapia. A latinization of the Tswana word tlhapiĀ ("fish"). (Wiktionary)


  • A number of different species and hybrids are sold under the name tilapia, and have different qualities.

    On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

  • Americans tend not to like to eat carp (though tilapia is an exception).

    Matthew Yglesias » Carping

  • Hobbyists usually start with tilapia, which is hardy, and some basic plants.

    Colorado Springs Independent

  • Most others had been served something else, but as the tilapia was a "better" dish that the new main course yesterday, I was served the fish out of respect .... Recent Updates

  • "Finding Nemo" on in a two-piece made from tilapia, which is reportedly not only breathable but waterproof too.


  • This symbiotic cultivation system relies on aquatic life, such as tilapia fish and yellow perch, to redistribute nutrients.

    Are vertical farms the future of urban food?

  • The recipe for Spice-Rubbed and Roasted Flounder Fillets can be made with other white-flesh fish, such as tilapia, shown here.

    I Spice: Fennel

  • In view of the overfishing of tuna worldwide, we strongly suggest you substitute a farm raised fish, such as tilapia or catfish in this recipe.

    Dining with Martial

  • It should be noted that the scientific classification confers to 'tilapia' several different species names, notably Sarotherodon and Oreochromis.

    1. Breeding

  • Medium-sized fish, such as tilapia and catfish, are normally split and gutted whereas the larger species, such as sharks and rays, are cut up into chunks or fillets which are scored to increase the surface area for salt and/or smoke contact.

    Chapter 6


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