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  • noun Plural form of tiling.


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  • · Taprats automatically reads all tiling designs (that is files ending with. tiling) placed under a directory called "tilings".

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • Penrose is a mystic, so it is hard for a layman to know when his results are physics (say, Penrose tilings as found in quasi-crystals) or bogus (say, the idea that the Church-Turing thesis doesn't apply for biological brains, so that the algorithmic hierarchy of computer science collapses and all sorts of funky stuff including time travel is possible, et cetera.)

    Death in the Sky: M31 Shreds its Satellites | Universe Today

  • Teach them that it isn't beyond their reach, that they can be brave, and travel, and learn amazing tilings, and do what is compassionate at whatever cost, Father.

    Elephant in the City

  • Relatively simple tilings looked most interesting, like a subdivision of an L into four smaller Ls iteratively applied.

    Wolfram Blog : Making the Mathematica 6 Spikey

  • I mapped various aperiodic tilings onto the faces of the dodecahedron.

    Wolfram Blog : Making the Mathematica 6 Spikey

  • After Hao Wang/Berger proved aperiodic tilings exist in 1966, people tried to find them.

    Coordinated Evolution

  • This sort of personal history could tell you a lot about why someone like Roger would "relax" by playing with tilings when he's not contemplating singularities and their outrageous implications.

    A Third Choice (ID Hypothesis)

  • The Poincare disk is seen in the Escher prints of tilings that “pile up” near the edge of the disk.

    A Dark, Misleading Force

  • "And it will be a lot of fun if somebody turns up bigger tilings that sort of make a more convincing case that they understood even more of the geometry than the present examples show," Socolar said.

    Medieval Muslims made stunning math breakthrough

  • While traveling in Uzbekistan, Lu said, he noticed a 16th century Islamic building with decagonal motif tiling, arousing his curiosity as to the existence of quasicrystalline Islamic tilings.

    Medieval Muslims made stunning math breakthrough


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