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  • adj. Tilted or tending to tilt


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tilt +‎ -y


  • I'm with Heather, I've never seen tilty pans, we cut the cake on an angle and then secure it with a center pole going thru all the cakes.

    Defying Gravity

  • His buildings are a cleaner, more lyrical version of the playful, tilty juxtapositions of volumes that have made Frank Gehry an international fave.

    Cool Hand Koolhaas

  • Dat sweet kitteh hed tilty downy fing getz me effrythyme.

    Don’t puts all ur kitteh - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • Love the angle on the clown cake pic, BTW: it plays up the sagging, collapsing, tilty cross-eyed horror to best advantage.

    The Displays That Time Forgot

  • Usually, Derek is only the focus of about the first ten or fifteen minutes of the episode -- the format runs along the lines of, tilty-eyes and paranormal boy chitter chatter about the place while stalking through it, carefully setting up the things that Derek will "read" from the environment when he enters it, completely free of any knowledge about its history.

    Mysterious and Ooky

  • It was almost as if, from the moment he had set his tilty green eyes on May, he had sensed her disappointment in him, and sympathized.

    Full-Blooded Fantasy

  • Assyria Game Studio announces The Glowing Void - like a tilty, touchy version of ...

    The Tanooki

  • More concerned with matters of literature and grammar than high finance, we used those tilty word-bend things we can't remember the name of to denote sarcasm; that sneery talky thing where you say one thing, when in fact the exact opposite is true.

    Football news, match reports and fixtures |

  • In the tilty world of state politics, embattled Republican gubernatorial incumbent Charlie Crist kept finding new ways to explain why he hugged President Obama months ago, which has become, in his fight against "Tea Party darling" Marco Rubio for the GOP nomination, one of those self-perpetuating campaign tropes that defies all logic except that it exists because people keep reacting to it.

    Toronto Sun

  • Either I don't have an issue with it, or the tilty thing is better designed on this one.

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