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  • n. Hypothetical or fictional travel at will to the past or the future, typically by means of a machine (a time machine) or a wormhole.


From time + travel. (Wiktionary)


  • Unfortunately, Talker's race had no inkling of relativity, as their science was of the type which develops better guns and faster ships, without bothering too much with theory; and Kirk's only acquaintance with the concept had been made through the pages of a classic novel on time travel — the only such work he had ever read, and one which had emphasized the fourth dimension rather than velocity-mass ratios.

    Natives of Space

  • Vincent was, demonstrating another program, and the studio exec, still pitching time travel to the Marilyns, and Heada.

    Futures Imperfect

  • Their adventures with time travel hadn’t really made it possible for Katherine to be the prissy, perfect-hair cheerleader type.


  • "There was an ILMGM exec who used to come to the parties who was always using time travel as a line.

    Futures Imperfect

  • "Of course, you'd need time travel to go find one-they're all dead-and that's impossible, too."

    Phule me twice


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