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  • THIS is one of the failures of Malthusianism — it fails to grasp that humans are not animals, that we do limit, control, and redirect our behavior in ways which animals, lacking any sense of time-binding, are not capable of.

    Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » The Narrow-Mindedness of Zero-Sum Thinking

  • One of the reasons that few of us are consciously aware of wearing the time-binding lenses through which we see is that they are crafted slowly over time from a variety of sources.

    The Time Paradox

  • Possibly time-binding -- that is, they pass on knowledge to the next generation.

    Beowulf's Children

  • As I listened to Jerry's singsong of formal Dracon, the backward biographies-beginning with death and ending with adulthood-I experienced a sense of time-binding, of being able to know and touch the past.

    Enemy Mine

  • If mankind lived as long as a thousand years, it would be necessary to invent some totally different method of memory association in order to be eclectively time-binding.

    The Past Through Tomorrow

  • What I mean by time-binding will be clearly and fully explained in the course of the discussion, and when it has been made clear, the question — What Is Man? — will be answered by saying that man is a being naturally endowed with time-binding capacity — that a human being is a time-binder — that men, women and children constitute the time-binding class of life.

    Manhood of Humanity.

  • The animals are _not_ time-binding, they have _not_ the capacity of the

    Manhood of Humanity.

  • Whatever squares with that law of time-binding human energy, is right and makes for human weal; whatever contravenes it, is wrong and makes for human woe.

    Manhood of Humanity.

  • Let us suppose that the human time-binding capacities or energies in the _organic_ chemistry correspond to radium in the _inorganic_ chemistry; being of course of different dimensions and of absolutely different character.

    Manhood of Humanity.

  • It will be a branch of humanology, a branch of Human Engineering; it will be a time-binding ethics, the ethics of the entirely natural civilization-producing energies of humanity.

    Manhood of Humanity.


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