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  • n. In electricity, the constant A = CRl, where C is the capacity per unit length, R the specific resistance, and l the length of a telegraphic or telephonic line or cable. Upon this constant depend the distance to which speech can be transmitted and the speed at which telegraphic signaling can be done.


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  • Which would imply lag, and not a surprise for a longer time-constant.

    Unthreaded #21 « Climate Audit

  • Flash preceded HTML5 by over a decade, and we have an internet with a somewhat moderate time-constant when it comes to adopting new web technologies.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Digg

  • Some would argue that this is a sign that we don't yet have enough liquidity in that market (and conclude pessimistically that it will take an equivalent time-constant for carbon markets to mature.)

    Grist - the Latest from Grist

  • All amplitude and inactivation time-constant comparisons were made at the peak Na

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • IR, recovery from inactivation of INa, steady state inactivation of INa, inactivation time-constant of INa, or activation time-constant of IK It was hypothesized previously that increasing IKIR decreases resting membrane resistance and the internal resistance of the electric organ such that each EOD produces a stronger electric field in the surrounding water

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • (D) Current traces following 20 min treatment with saline or ACTH treatment taken from Panel B. B.ack lines represent the best possible single exponential fit using the slow inactivation time-constant from the corresponding ATX-treated traces.

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • After exposure to saturating concentrations of ATX-II, electrocyte INa inactivated with a single slower time-constant (τ slow) (Figure 10).

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • S. macrurus electrocytes, INa inactivates with a single time-constant, except during our final experiment when the sea anemone toxin ATX-II introduced a second, slow time-constant.

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • The slow time-constant better accounts for inactivation in the saline treated cell.

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • With a time-constant of 12000 years – which agrees with Raymond Pierrehumbert’s estimate – is it possible that our fate in the next 100y, be it warming or cooling, depends on the recent solar past? maksimovich

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