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  • n. Alternative form of time delay.


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  • Ja-Young Ku, Daniel Razin and R Luke Dubois draw the viewer into scenarios muddled by multiple mirrors, perceptual riddles, spatial illusions, and time-delay projections until we begin to wonder whether what we're seeing is taking place out there or in the recesses of our deliberately befuddled minds.

    This week's new exhibitions

  • The combined effect of the two phases of his proposals, if adopted by both superpowers, would be to create a kind of time-delay firewall that would replace the accident-prone, short-fuse, hair-trigger, launch on warning, command and control systems both nuclear arsenals have retained from the Cold War.

    How the End Begins

  • Most Unprepared: Melissa Leo's surprise at winning kept everyone on their toes, including Kirk Douglas, whom she asked to pinch her, and then the censors, who took advantage of the time-delay to bleep out her F-word.

    Oscars 2011 Top Moments: James Franco in a Dress, Taylor Lautner Without a Shirt

  • (Observers at this courtroom, which was built specially to try the 9/11 suspects, only get to hear the proceedings via an audio feed that transmits the sound after a several-minute time-delay.)

    Guantánamo Hearings: A Military Bureaucratic Conundrum

  • In hundreds of tests, TFS has found that some of its trades were getting picked off by firms exploiting the time-delay wrinkle.

    Fast Traders' New Edge

  • I finished my Storytellers Unplugged essay this morning and loaded it onto the time-delay dashboard so it will magically show up at 5: 00 a.m.

    Everybody out of the gene pool : Bev Vincent

  • I was not my intention to impugn UT staffers and will be more tolerant of this time-delay matter in the future.

    Best "Blue Marble" Images Yet | Universe Today

  • The WMAP team took those from observations of the baryon acoustic oscillations BAO in the distribution of galaxies; of Cepheids, supernovae, and a water maser in local galaxies; of time-delay in a lensed quasar system; and of high redshift supernovae, and combined them to reduce the nooks and crannies in parameter space in which non-cosmological constant varieties of dark energy could be hiding.

    Universe to WMAP: ΛCDM Rules, OK? | Universe Today

  • This is a cool video technique that uses time-delay to make bodies warp and twist.

    Boing Boing

  • Then the time-delay for commands causes additional complications.

    Analog Broke out of its Stereotype in November


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