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from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. In experimental psychology, the acceleration or retardation of the perception of one of two or more objectively simultaneous stimuli, due to a preferential direction of the attention; the positive or negative displacement of the complication experiment.


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  • This look depicts Ash in the wake of his return from time-displacement in the year 1300 AD; the S-Mart Ash has only recently told his coworkers the tale of how he delivered Lord Arthur and his followers from the Deadites, and despite the fact that Ash stills sports a mechanical medieval gauntlet, no one really believes him.

    Army of Darkness – Ash S-Mart 7″ Figure | BuyZombie.com

  • Warren Traveller clones himself using time-displacement spell.

    Snark Free Corner for 1/28 | Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources

  • Nobody is sure about anything except that it will no longer respond to questions, and that the nature of those time-displacement waves it gives off has altered.

    Time for Yesterday

  • The Enterprise had discovered the Guardian years ago, by tracing the “ripples” of time-displacement the entity gave off.

    Time for Yesterday

  • They denied having made the two attacks on Terra and the Arkonide Imperium although we could prove that the plasma monster as well as the time-displacement on Arkon 3 could be traced to their Energy Command's operations.

    Blue System

  • For a moment he pondered, wondering if he had been caught up in tangle of time-displacement.

    The Blind Spot

  • As I mentioned last week, the location used for Survivor: Tocantins is surrounded by a LOST Island-style, time-displacement ring.

    The Full Feed from HuffingtonPost.com

  • Spock did not trust himself to look back as he strode forward, feeling the Guardian’s time-displacement seize him.

    Time for Yesterday


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