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  • adj. Not time-dependent; not determined by the value of a variable representing time.


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  • Now suppose that our Lagrangian has a time-independent symmetry (we mean a symmetry as an invariance: something does not change under a set of transformations).

    Special Post: Noether’s First Theorem – Emmy Noether for Ada Lovelace Day

  • The waveform with a given initial condition (its form at t = 0), remains a solution of the time-independent Schrödinger equation for all later times.

    A Third Choice (ID Hypothesis)

  • The Schrödinger Equation, cornerstone of quantum mechanics. (technically, this is a one-dimensional, time-independent, version of the equation).

    Equation Answers

  • And from that humble beginning — maybe ordinary quantum mechanics is right, and there exists a formulation of the theory of everything that takes the form of a time-independent Hamiltonian acting on a time-dependent quantum state defined in some Hilbert space — you can actually reach some sweeping conclusions.

    What if Time Really Exists?

  • Classically: dx/dt = p. If we choose to regard p as more fundamental than t then we “generate” time dt = dx/p. Or use a wavefunction ø: dø/dt = Hø (H a time-independent Hamiltonian).

    Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?

  • So in this sense, the ‘law’ being spiritual, is timeless and cross-cultural and time-independent.

    Religious ethics for the 21st Century | Mind on Fire

  • Areas covered occasionally by sea ice are masked using a time-independent mask.

    Hansen Code « Climate Audit

  • Though some posts may be irrelevant to the present, this will give a new life to the posts which are time-independent.

    Browseable Archive Hack - Freshblog

  • Insofar as this temporal factor of evaluations can be separated from time-independent factors of evaluations, one speaks of pure time preferences.


  • Combined observational data from type Ia supernovas, galactic cluster abundances, gravitational lensing, and the apparent age of the universe favor a value of. that is more negative than about -0.8, tending to support Einstein's assumption of a constant time-independent rL.

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact


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