from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. In physiology and experimental psychology, an instrument which traces the time-line, or indicates the time of application of a stimulus, etc., upon the smoked paper of the kymograph.


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  • Minaya argued that the 16th day, cabán, gave rise to the word cabañuelas, presumably because it had some additional significance, perhaps in terms of some other calendric calculation, or time-marker.

    Did You Know? January's weather in Mexico forecasts the rest of the year

  • In the second set of experiments the reactor was directed simply to accompany the beating of a metronome by a light tapping with the forefinger on a rubber-surfaced tambour connected with a pneumographic registering pen, with which was aligned an electrical time-marker also actuated by the metronome.

    Harvard Psychological Studies, Volume 1 Containing Sixteen Experimental Investigations from the Harvard Psychological Laboratory.

  • The carved oak clock-case in the corner was as bright as a mirror; and the solemn, authoritative ticking of the ancient time-marker was the loudest sound in the house.

    Th' Barrel Organ

  • "One of this bell's potential meanings is as a time-piece or time-marker, both in the way the bell is rung by the movement of the sea at high tide daily, and as a long time marker of sea levels and present shoreline.



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