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  • n. A technique used to share a processor in round robin manner with all the tasks of the same priority, allowing lower priority tasks when idle.


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  • The sprints need to be at the rate of 200/minute to cross a very specific time-slicing threshold, and affect the brain.

    Back on the Horse

  • My friend here has a theory that no one actually "multi-tasks" - he or she is "time-slicing", i.e. creating a timetable mosaic of filled in spaces.

    Archive 2008-09-01

  • The NYT attacks the idea of time-slicing and multi-tasking and ubiquitous connectivity, arguing that always-on people (ahem) are junkies for the adrenaline rush of juggling a peak load, where one slip means disaster, like jet pilots or extreme sports afficianados, and that they (er, we) get less done as a result of our divided attention.

    Boing Boing: June 29, 2003 - July 5, 2003 Archives

  • A queueing system is characterized by its input population (a waiting line of customers), the service facility (employees, machines, etc), and a priority rule that specifies the order in which customers are to be served (FIFO, LIFO, time-slicing, etc).

    The Code Project Latest Articles

  • DVB-H - made for mobile devices, very advanced error protection in broadcast, and clever use of time-slicing of signal that preserves battery life by switchin of receiver for up to 80\% of the time.

    IntoMobile - Cell Phone News, Information, and Analysis

  • MVS has a variety of dispatching algorithms including time-slicing, MTTW, task / address space priority, and others.

    The Mainframe Blog


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