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  • n. The inflexible period of time allotted for a specific task.
  • v. To assign an inflexible period of time to (a task).


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time box


  • "The intent is to 'timebox' each release by fixing the functionally complete date and including only features that deliver in time at a reasonable stability level," wrote Wood.

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  • Even if the end result of the timebox is that you create another one because you've made such good progress, that prevents the automation from turning in to a week-long exercise when you thought it would just take 1/2 a day.

    Justifying Automation

  • Or you timebox how long you will drive for, eg I drive for 10 mins, then you drive for 10 mins.

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  • In this case, people weren't finishing what they "attempted to commit to" in the timebox, but they extended the timebox.

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  • I led a roundtable about transitioning to agile, and discovered that not everyone takes the feedback the timebox gives them.

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  • Set a timebox and improve your routine until you can shift gears effectively within your time boundaries.

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  • And don't forget the situations where the release to marketing was a day or so ahead of the timebox end.

    Andre Durand

  • Some Agile teams have used the term iteration 0 or sprint 0 - as a first development timebox set aside for this initial research along with getting the development environment setup and ready to go, and doing some initial architectural prototyping or "spiking" - the rough equivalent of high level design from an architectural perspective.

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  • The exact implementation of the key indicators is rarely right the first time, so it is better to establish a timebox and reserve the opportunity to provide subsequent iterations beyond the initial 16 weeks.

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  • We used a fixed timebox of 7 minutes to switch the pairs (when the round is over, the driver leaves the pair, the observer becomes pilot, and a new observer joins from the audience).

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