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  • n. A multi-dimensional treatment of time
  • n. A function of time that is dependent on the position of the observer


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time +‎ -scape


  • Slide 15: The "timescape": Difficult to synch Reggie: Yeah, [I usually start] just before 9.

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  • A "timescape" • Time frame • Timing • Tempo • Temporality

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  • Slide 16: The "timescape": intense Jessica: [Project managers are] in charge of the hours they put on a project.

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  • Slide 17: The "timescape": "de-temporalized Sam Ladner: When do you find time passes quickly during the day?

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  • He had to laugh at the looks on their faces just before they vanished from his timescape.


  • One of my tensions as a fundamentalist was just how much of that wonder that culture denies particularly, the truncated timescape of YECism.

    What is an Atheist?

  • The timescape of the DCU, though, "from the dawn of time to the Great Disaster"--was that how the phrase went?

    Week 27: Midnight in the Garden of Forking Paths

  • Against a great and stirring timescape in ancestral headwaters, the diversity of fishes has been a cascade of jewels, while indiscriminate hybridization has produced a besetting and assailable uniformity.

    Trout and Salmon of North America

  • Damage to the timescape cannot be undone through further damage.

    The Janus Gate: Future Imperfect

  • Guilmette makes his video so entertaining with convincing sound effects, music and sharp editing, further playing with speed differences to create an astonishing timescape.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion


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