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  • n. Plural form of timeslice.


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  • Typically we are dealing with computerized routing, and are allocated timeslices over a given wire where digital signals are sent, but once these are allocated, we have the right to full use of them for the duration of the call.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » The FCC and the Internet:

  • You can get some choppy timeslices of sound, echo-like effects, and so on.

    seek(and ye shall) trem

  • The overall system stabilizes as the cache-component's work finally slows and it starts running out of work more often than it runs out of timeslices.

    World of SL

  • It reduces their effective priority, giving them fewer and fewer of the available timeslices, and instead handing those timeslices to good citizens, like your database or your application.

    World of SL

  • The cache-component, on the other hand, is desperate for cycles, and as soon as it gets a timeslice (usually because the application has ultimately blocked waiting for data that just wasn't arriving) it tries to get through the backlog of work, shovelling data back to the application as fast as it can, and overrunning its timeslices again, reinforcing the opinion of the scheduler that it is naughty and that punishment needs to continue.

    World of SL

  • But I'm constantly thrashed and just only have a limited number of timeslices available.

  • There needs to be some sort of ranging, like GSM uses, to offset your timeslices if you are moving one way or the other.

    Medlogs - Recent stories

  • It’s important to take time off and recharge, but I’d suggest you also do it in small, frequent timeslices.

    Everyday That I Don’t Eat A Gun, I Won | ATTACKERMAN


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