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  • In 1840, the Canadian novelist Thomas Haliburton, in his dialect-rich The Clockmaker, had his Yankee character named Sam Slick say: All that talk about her timper was made out of whole cloth, and got up a-purposeā€¦.

    No Uncertain Terms

  • I was perfickly calm, an never losht me timper, an 'towld him I'd pull him off av the little harse if he'd not the lave to take him; an' he put the comether on me by cantherin 'off.

    Mates at Billabong

  • 'Don't let yer bad timper make ye thry to commit suicide, Mr. Roberts,' sez he, and off he marched.

    Charred Wood

  • I'm in that throuble lately that me timper is all but gone. '

    The Depot Master

  • "She's sourish-like in her timper," Jimmy, Mr. Denny's head man, observed to his subordinate not long after the arrival, and the subordinate, tenderly stroking a bruised knee, replied: --

    All on the Irish Shore Irish Sketches

  • I can't forget one Mrs. Grasset I worked for, ma'am, an 'her that miserable an' cryin 'all th' time, just because I had one of me bad timper spells.

    The Cheerful Smugglers

  • He shall be lost for _good_ now; an 'do ye mind that he's the very spit in shape an' size av the Colonel's, barrin 'that his tail is an inch too long, an' he has none av the color that divarsifies the rale Rip, an 'his timper is that av his masther an' worse.

    Indian Tales

  • An 't' Canteen Sargint was lookin 'for' is dog everywheer; an ', wi' bein 'tied up, t' beast's timper got waur nor ever.

    Soldiers Three

  • '"Peg out that man!" sez my orf'cer bhoy, niver losin' his timper; an 'the non-coms wint in and pegged out Scrub Greene by the side av Peg

    Soldiers Three

  • '"Will ye hear reason now?" sez I; "I can't keep my timper much longer, an' 'tis like I will hurt you. "

    Soldiers Three


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