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  • n. tincture


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  • As an antidote, the best when the poison is in solution is the hydrated sesquioxide of iron, formed by precipitating tinctura ferri perchloridi with excess of ammonia, or carbonate of soda.

    Aids to Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

  • Who does not remember that on the suppression of the _Illuminés_ was found, amongst other poisons, a _tinctura ad abortum faciendum_.

    Secret Societies And Subversive Movements

  • The tincture of green soap (tinctura saponis viridis) is especially valuable for cleansing purposes in psoriasis of the scalp.

    Essentials of Diseases of the Skin Including the Syphilodermata Arranged in the Form of Questions and Answers Prepared Especially for Students of Medicine

  • At the beginning of the sickness a vomitium of ipecacuanha and tartarus stibiatus was administered (though on the march no real medical treatment was attempted); later on aether vitrioli with tinctura valerianae, tinctura aromatica and finally tinctura chinae composita aurantiorum with good wine, etc., were given.

    Napoleon's Campaign in Russia Anno 1812

  • Forty days and forty nights had the process gone on successfully; the old man's hopes were constantly rising, and he now considered the glorious moment once more at hand, when he should obtain not merely the major lunaria, but likewise the tinctura solaris, the means of multiplying gold, and of prolonging existence.

    Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists

  • From this time to the 24th February, 1833, we continued occasionally taking out the seton, but returning to it every two or three days; applying the canker lotion until we were driven from it, mixing with it variable quantities of tinctura opii, having recourse to mercurial ointment, and trying a solution of the sulphate of copper.

    The Dog

  • I have successively been drugged with Spanish licorice, opium, ipecacuanha, paregoric, and tincture of foxglove (tinctura purpurae digitalis of the ancients).

    The Works of Charles and Mary Lamb — Volume 5 The Letters of Charles and Mary Lamb

  • Shelley Torgove founded apothecary tinctura, an herbal extract company, in 1998 with a -- Top News

  • I can't prove it, but my guess is that Ms. Phillips wanted us to ponder all the many meanings of the ancient and wonderful word "tincture," which comes from the Latin tinctura, a dyeing.

    Home | The New York Observer

  • Middle English, from Latin tinctura act of dyeing, from tinctus, past participle of tingere to tinge

    Errata: The Wordie Blog


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