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  • n. A prong or something projecting like a prong; an animal's horn; a branch or limb of a tree; a protruding arm.
  • n. A branch of a deer's antler; the horn of a unicorn; a tooth of a harrow; a spike.
  • v. To ignite, kindle.

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  • transitive v. To kindle.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To set on fire; kindle; light; inflame.
  • n. A prong, or something projecting like a prong; an animal's horn; a branch or limb of a tree; a protruding arm.


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From earlier tend, from Middle English tenden, teenden, from Old English tendan ("to kindle") (usually attested in compounds); related to Danish tænde, German zünden. More at tend.

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From Middle English tind, tynd, from Old English tind ("tine, prong, tooth"), from Proto-Germanic *tenduz, *tendaz (“prong, pinnacle”), from Proto-Indo-European *(e)dont- (“tooth, projection”). Cognate with Dutch tinne ("battlement"), German Zinne ("pinnacle, battlement"), Danish tinde ("pinnacle, battlement"), Swedish tinne ("tooth of a rake"), Icelandic tindur ("spike, tooth of a rake or harrow, pinnacle, peak, battlement"). Related also to Dutch tand ("tooth, tine"), English tooth.


  • Exista un cliseu care in majoritatea cazurilor oamenii slabi se supun regulilor, cand cineva zice "portocala e neagra" si e urmat de altcineva care zice la fel, intr-un scurt timp or sa zica toti care iau parte afirmatiei, desigur, mai sunt si exceptii deosebite, care tind sa-si mentina diversitatea, si raman in minoritate dar doar pentru ca ... cred ei, cu Demnitate si-au sustinut cauza.

    Declin al societatii

  • Purr-tind I doan trust U, Dan, n tellz me haow U noez dis raveelin pees uv info…

    i seez ur problum - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • America şi alte state occidentale tind spre pluralism şi naturalismul. »2007» martie

  • Eu tind, pe baza experienţei mele personale, să fie de acord cu vechi »2007» February

  • Many maisters, quoth the Poddock to the Harrow, when every tind took her a knock.

    Collection of Scotch Proverbs

  • "'Sure an' he nades a wife to tind to the chickens an 'the pigs an' the turkeys -- the contrary little bastes that'll niver be stayin 'at home, at all at all.'"

    'Lizbeth of the Dale

  • I'd been workin 'at me trade, sor -- larnin' to tind bar it was -- and I'd just got a new job where the pay was pretty good, and I'd sint over for Maggie, and was plannin 'for the little flat we was to have, and the like of that, when I drew that prize.

    The Depot Master

  • "Shure, she'd 'tind to thot; wanst a Cat licks her futs, shure she's at home."

    Animal Heroes

  • Well, but I must answer oor rettle, ung oomens: not yet; 'tis rate now, and I can't tind it.

    The Journal to Stella

  • The dreary waste of bared earth, thatched sheds and standing water, was a paradise to him; and when we walked up planks to deserted mixing and crushing mills, and actually saw where the clay was stirred with long iron prongs, and chalk or lime ground with "a tind of a mill," his expression of contentment and triumphant heroism knew no limit to its beauty.

    Memoir of Fleeming Jenkin


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